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news. >>> 6:04. antioch police investigating fatal shooting at apartment complex, 32-year-old hand was found inside a you -- inside a unit at the delta pines complex last night. police called the bomb squad, no one has been arrested. amy hollyfield will have a live report in about 30 minutes. >>> in oakland this morning a 5-year-old boy is fighting for his life at children's hospital oakland. a van hit the boy near lake merritt after he darted into traffic this happened around 5:15 last night. the boy's family was nearby the driver stopped and cooperated with police. that child is listed in critical condition. >>> 19-year-old belmont man due in court today after san mateo police say he wrecked two borrowed cars in two days while high on nitrous oxide. check out youtube video of the second crash that caused a sick-car pile-up october 30th. he smashed into a car the car flipped and hit four more cars in oncoming traffic. dozens of canisters of nitrous oxide were found in both cars the defendant crashed. >>> optimistic news for california's budget fiscal analyst says the state is on t
miles an hour, shooting through this intersection. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> 5:03. in antioch police investigating fatal shooting at apartment complex a man found inside a unit 9:00 last night. police called for the walnut creek bomb squad after what appeared to be an ied was found but they determined it was not. no one one has been arrested. amy hollyfield will have a live report in half an hour. >>> in oakland, 5-year-old boy fighting for his life at children's hospital. fire official says the boy darted into traffic around 5:15 near lake merritt and was hit by a van the family was nearby, the driver stopped and cooperated with police. the child is reported in critical condition now. >>> the government is deepening its investigation into whether a popular energy drink is dangerous, even fatal. more deaths are being looked at in connection to five hour -- to 5 hour energy. katie marzullo is following new developments. >> reporter: the city attorney is getting in on this demanding the makers of energy drinks prove they are safe. he wants labels to be more accurate. today resea
in antioch. police are searching -- searching for clues in a murder mystery man found shot to death in an apartment with what appears to be an improvised explosive device nearby. >> reporter: police need help with this one. no arrests have been made that's part of a trend that has been happening here in antioch. they got the call about 9:15 last night that there had been a shooting inside an apartment. they found a man who had been killed in the apartment, then they called out the bomb squad, because they found a device that looked like an improvised explosive. the bomb squad did term -- did determine it was not, they did not say what the device was. the murder victim was 32-year-old man found shot to death inside the apartment on sycamore drive. this comes as the crime rate continues to climb here in antioch crime is up 44% for the first nine months of 2012, the number of arrests decreasing. no arrests have been made in last night's shooting. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> in the east bay, body of a young man was found in the berkeley hills not far from the uc campus discovered las
are heading towards antioch, under 15 minutes now from antioch in the westbound direction. eastbound 580 roadwork until 11:00 this morning. westbound drive is looking good. >>> san jose police hope a reward will help entice the community to help them catch a second robber in a violent crime spree that killed an innocent bystander and injured an officer. kira klapper is at the san jose police department. >> reporter: good morning. the police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward, hoping someone can lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks together they went on a violent crime spree he's already under arrest, police are looking for his partner crime. they don't have a name or description both were said to be wearing ski masks. it began before 7:30 friday night when they robbed a little caesar's on story road, then a gas station, an hour after that a jack-in-the-box. police say the pair didn't hurt anyone until they reached the 7-eleven, where they shot and killed 22-year-old campbell resident in an attempted carjacking. police spotted the pair, the pair initiated a shoo
, mid to upper 60s, san rafael, richmond, napa, vallejo and antioch. everybody in the low to mid 70s around the bay and inland. tonight high clouds, modifying air mass 40s inland, a few 40s around the bay shore low to mid 50s out into the beaches. high pressure dominating, slide over to the west and take a look at this low developing well offshore shore bringing high clouds today, increase in high clouds tomorrow, looks like our best chance for wet weather comes in thursday night into friday morning. friday morning the commute is going to be wet, friday evening looks like waves of showers be prepared for more wet weather, especially in the outdoor activities like high school football playoffs. temperatures drop a little friday, a little more with the next system sunday into monday. be prepared for wet weather tomorrow through monday >>> good morning. happy wednesday to everyone if you are heading out now this is a live look at the san mateo bridge a little busier tail lights towards the highrise leaving the toll, traffic on the highrise good towards foster city, no delays, happy to r
delays out of antioch, 20 minute ride from hillcrest towards 242. good news in oakland southbound 880 at high, injury accident cleared out of lanes traffic should be getting by without delay. >>> we continue to follow breaking news out of redwood city where a water main break is flooding streets and two hopes near brewster avenue and warren, in the downtown area near the san mateo county government center. hopefully, that will be cleaned up as workers begin to show up in a few hours. crews are using pumps to remove water from the base s of two hopes. police are diverting traffic -- around that area which can get busy. fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inmain, most of the water ended up gushing into the -- storm drains, water service shutdown to some homes. >>> striking union employees at the port of oakland are continuing their 24 demonstration phase one started last night at oakland airport. as amy hollyfield tells us, phase two is getting underway what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. look behind me in opens at 6:00, it is blocked, there are 30, 40 people, u
minute drive both directions typical when there's no traffic. drive out of antioch now, heavy commute on a holiday at the limit, no issues towards concord westbound 4, same without of the central valley, eastbound towards i-5 at the limit up and over the altamont pass, very light. san jose, chp and another car involved in an accident on the tracks, vta tracks at first and brokaw, vta working to put a bus bridge in. so far just switching back now. >>> this morning traffic is back to normal on i-58 poe in oakland after being shutdown for a -- on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown for a gun battle between two cars on the gun battle ended with two cars crashing. when officers arrived they found both vehicles riddled with bullets people in the cars nowhere to be found. not known if anyone was injured. >>> in oakland, police investigating a homicide blocks from that freeway shooting. police were called to the scene 9:30 last night on hilton near seminary. no word on the circumstances involving the death of the victim, so far this case does not appear to be related to the freeway shooting
if >>catherine: is been a very violent year for the city of antioch. haazig madyun has more. >> it we are all worried. with recently reelected very worried. >> we have to come together but it is going to take tax money from antioch residents to pla pay replacement >> thievery is terrible and we do not have the police force to follow it up. >> i got mixed reactions from antioch residence on a tax increase in order to pay for more police. >> for more cops, maybe? because we do need safety are round antioch is getting bad. amid this time, " no ". it is difficult. and i cannot afford to pay more. >> we cannot do it alone we need the community support. they are part of a partnership of coming up to come with a solution. the police chief is to and all he can with the limited amount of staffing that we have. >> an antioch haazig madyun if kron 4. it and a former cia david petraeus will testify on the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. there were four people killed on september 11th including u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. there were some questions on weather he was going to tes
. >>> good morning, highway 4 is getting slow especially on the way to antioch and pittsburgh. 880 so far looks good driving up to downtown oakland let's go back to the desk. >>> tara moriarty is there in vallejo with the damage caused by the fire and why it may be part of a much larger investigation pam. police and fire are working together and they believe it is connected to a rash of fires that have been springing up through the city. it happened less than three hours ago. smoke and flames were shooting out of the bar where investigators believe somebody started it 3:00 a.m. this morning. the blaze caused $50,000 in damage. head to cut a hole in the roof and the flames melted the pool tables and beer signs inside. agencies from outside came in to help and they believe this latest work is the help of an arizona any of the. we tonight have any real reason. i can't speculate i tonight know why or what. >> reporter: now another fire broke out in an empty house off of alabama street and that fire was ignited outside of a door and caused $75,000 in damage. firefighters have seen a pattern i
in antioch they are having second thoughts about the health reform they helped initiate when they are staring at the financial cliff. the question is are they willing to change it? here is the story. like a lot of california communities, antioch has had to tighten its belt in the recent years and some of the biggest cuts are to police who are down to 74 officers for a population of 104,000. >> we are definitely one of the most understaffed departments in the county, if not the lowest. >> reporter: now antioch has money to hire cops but have a new problem. it seems experienced cops are reluctant to apply to antioch because of the new peck reforms. >> they don't want to come from 3% to a 3 at 55 because it will add years to retirement. >> so tonight the city council will take up matching the pension experienced cops are getting at other cities. >> we are going to need to have every ability to make us look appealing. >> and it is not just police. in 2007 this wall was covered with the name of the antioch city employees. as you can see today,
continues. >>> an antioch woman called the abc7 newsroom this morning in tears after her baby's ashes were stolen during a home burglary. she sent this photo of the ur in containing her child's ashes, gabriel passed way in january. she said she doesn't care about the other items taken, she is pleading anyone with information call antioch police. >>> happening right now, minor headache for drivers in the mission district after a wild pursuit took out the light at a busy intersection. crews are working to repair those lights. they are hoping to have them restored in 20 minutes or so. the chp says the driver of a jeep involved, hit a parked car and damaged a control box for the traffic lights, this is where chase ended, chp says it began near the bay bridge 2:00 this morning. it continued to 15th, where the driver struck a parked car pushing that car into a bicyclist that bike was crushed, cyclist taken to the hospital the 23 year woman driving that jeep faces felony dui and hit-and-run charges. police say she was previously convicted of a d ui. >>> antioch police investigating fatal shooting
. >>> an antioch woman called the abc7 newsroom this morning in tears after her baby's ashes were stolen during a home burglary. she sent this photo of the ur in containing her child's ashes, gabriel passed way in january. she said she doesn't care about the other items taken, she is pleading anyone with information call antioch police. >>> happening right now, minor headache for drivers in the mission district after a wild pursuit took out the light at a busy intersection. crews are working to repair those lights. they are hoping to have them restored in 20 minutes or so. the chp says the driver of a jeep involved, hit a parked car and damaged a control box for the traffic lights, this is where chase ended, chp says it began near the bay bridge 2:00 this morning. it continued to 15th, where the driver struck a parked car pushing that car into a bicyclist that bike was crushed, cyclist taken to the hospital the 23 year woman driving that jeep faces felony dui and hit-and-run charges. police say she was previously convicted of a d ui. >>> antioch police investigating fatal shooting of 32-year-ol
:50. an antioch mother is making a plea to the thieves that burglarized her home and took the urn that held her baby's ashes. this is what the urn looked like. it contains the remains of the infant son who died earlier this year. the home was ransacked wednesday night. thieves took electronics and jewelry and kids' christmas gifts. she desperately wants the urn. >> i leave my house and my children by coming in here but i need that. whether you know you have it yet or not, please return the urn. >> eric: antioch police will take information by phone anonymously. we posted the number on our website at >> kristen: a judge has approved the sale of the former headquarters of solyndra. they approved the sale to sea gate technology which will use it to replace current facility in fremont. they are appealing the ruling. the purchasing rise is 70% the $300 million construction cost of the facility. last year they shut down headquarters and filed for bankruptcy. company had received a half billion dollar loan from the obama administration to build the factory. >> eric: buster posey's amazin
in oakland. 40 antioch. it's pretty cold out toward antioch. you can see everything moving north. it's going to deflect everything to the north. mostly sunny. higher clouds north bay. patchy fog. maybe a little haze starting to settle in. 60s on the temps if you enjoyed yesterday although many of you maybe didn't get off the couch. today would be a good day to get out. because that would be you ron. looks nice today. mild to warm into saturday. pretty good on sunday. increasing clouds tuesday and the end of next week looking very wet. >>> 4:38. snow is coming to marin. it's all part of the parade of lights and winter wonderland in san rafael that gets under way at noon. a holiday marketplace will be open from noon until 8:00 p.m. and the friday of lights starts at 5:30 followed by a tree lighting ceremony with santa. chris may will perform at macy's tree lighting ceremony. the 80-foot tree has 30,000led light -- 30,000 led lights. >>> new developments from the middle east. a deadly gun battle overnight along the israel-gaza border. how it could effect the cease fire agreement between the two
. >> it is been a violent year for crime in antioch there are not enough police resources. one elected official as telling kron4's haazig madyun that it is time, the public to help, violent crime it has been difficult. >> you know we're all worried. a recently elected antioch city council reelected member mary rocah.. >> but it is going to take money. >> tax money, from antioch residents to pay for replacing police officers lost in recent years due to budget cuts. >> thievery is terrible and don't ask the police forced to follow up. >> however i got mixed emotions from antioch residents on the tax increase in order to pay for more cops. >> we cannot do it alone when the community support. they are part of the partnership. coming up with this solution because we've done all the weekend and the police chief is to he can with d amount of staffing that we have. and in antioch haazig madyun kron 4 courthouse when voters approved proposition 30 many people thought that tuition increases at the university level would be off the table. could be true for this year but as dan kerman says it could still b
of a crash that is blocking at least one lane. traffic is backed up on to the antioch bridge. most people are not getting through quickly and that means pittsburgh and bay point is actually lighter than usual. you will be in for some big delays trying to get through. there is a backup already metering lights are on, let's go back to the desk. >>> and breaking news out of daily city where dozens of people have been forced to evacuate. this is a huge problem, flooding, water and mud, this is a look overhead from news chopper 2, you can tell but that's mud out in the street. we have new information on the damage this has caused and some new information, sarah? >> this is a water-main break and it you take a look behind me, this is four long city blocks that the water had to panhandle up where chopper two is. that is how far away we are from where this water-main is and we are quite a distance and it picked up a lot of debris along the way . there was some sort of pipes bursting at hillside park and we have dramatic pictures of water gushing down the hillside. it happened at 4:30 this morning
is now asking for help. >>> reporter: antioch police detained and took this man back to the police station this afternoon. investigators are questioning him for a murder that happened last night in this apartment complex. police say someone shot and killed a man in this unit at delta pines apartments. neighbors tell me they heard three shots. the victim's body remained in the unit today as detectives gathered ever. >> it was really scary. >> used to be peaceful and now you can't even leave the doors unlocked. >> reporter: people living in this complex say the latest murder reflects a growing problem in antioch. the police department's reports crime is way up comparing the first nine months of the year to the same time last year. the antioch police chief says violent crime spiked by close to 38% and property crimes went up by about 45%. meanwhile, arrests are down 17%. the police chief blames budget cuts and layoffs. >> when you start reducing your staffing, you're going to see rises in response times. you're going to see the inability to be pro-active in responding to crime and rea
good, westbound 4 big rig caught fire on the shoulder traffic out of antioch looking good at this hour. >>> the rain and winds are starting to pick up north bay residents are in the middle or the start of what will be a ponding from the storm. -- will be a pounding from the storm. amy hollyfield is in san rafael. >> reporter: not too bad, a little mist, a little drizzle, we had heavy raindrops around 4:30 so the streets are already wet there's a chilly wind here in san rafael. north bay is supposed to get hit hard that's why we are here we are going to keep an eye on it for you. yesterday people the day getting ready, several sandbag stations in the north bay, people took advantage of those, clearing out gutters, government officials say they tell us they feel prepared they will be watching carefully, especially day two and three of this storm. >> i believe the storms back-to-back could produce significant runoff. >> reporter: san -- san anselmo has had its fair share of flooding. they put safeguards in place since the 2005 flood they say the creek looks nice and low so they are feelin
for crime and antioch. law enforcement say they are not enough police resources. take a look at the statistics. homicides up 25% from last year. rape is up 33%. robberies and aggravated assaults have increased. violent crime is up a total of 37% while the rest are down 17%. council members say one option is a tax increase to pay for police officers that were lost in recent years due to budget cuts. >> we cannot do it alone. we have to have the community's support. they are part of the partnership of coming up with a solution because we have done all we can add the police chief is doing all he can with the limited amount of staff if we have. >> the city council said it has a plan to reduce violent crime is the number one item on their agenda once the new council is sworn into office this coming january. >> the family of a 12 year old bottle girl hit and killed by car in september as filing a lawsuit. haley ratliff was hit on her bike while riding with her family. it was said hail it but had failed to heal. the city--city was filed against the the city of novato in hopes that t
story how much cooler it is one degree in antioch to 11 in los gatos, 12 redwood city, 15 santa rosa, 7 oakland, san jose, let's check out theme . mid to upper 40s santa rosa, napa, fairfield concord half moon bay and los gatos we haven't reached the coolest part of the morning that will be around 7:00. today you can see system pushed north high clouds and sun what we are going to have mid 60s around the bay noon 58 coast top out at 70 by 4:00 away from the coast mid 60s grab a coat tonight most of us in the 50s. check out the warmth saturday through monday. monday we could have record high temperatures. >>> good morning. clear roads and clear skies. light traffic south 101 through san rafael by civic center tail lights heading up the hill no problems farther south two lanes golden gate bridge with roadwork northbound due to pittsburgh picked up in 30 minutes, no delays -- due to be picked up in 30 minutes, no delays, light into san francisco, one spot now north 880 at marina big rig versus car in the right lane minor delay past the scene. roadwork into san francisco north 101 at cesar
. san francisco, 77. 77 for concord, antioch, livermore, 79. plenty of sunshine for our friends in san jose. right now, temperatures inching downward a bit. 68 in antioch, 69 in san francisco. 74 in san rafael. 66 half moon bay and san jose, 71. so, folks, here's what you can expect how to much of this work week. clear tonight. maybe just a little bit of coastal cloudiness here and there. otherwise, record highs expected the next few days. enjoy. 70s and 80s, because as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, cooler and the rain will return. >>> here is the setup. i want to show you this. you can get a sense of the high building to the north. just kicks the storm track conclude this where is the jet stream is, well to the north. so all the rain will stay to the north of us until about wednesday night, this, and that's when this high will start to break down, and that will allow the clouds clouds to movet at least from now until then, this high is in place, it brings us those warm offshore winds, and that's definitely going to translate to near record highs, even some record highs for
. definitely frost there concord, 35. antioch, san jose, this morning, 38. as the clouds move in, it will insulate us tonight, so temperatures for tomorrow morning, not as cold. going to be chilly. 35 for santa rosa. 41, san rafael. the clouds near san francisco, 48 degrees overnight. interior east bay. 41 for concord. san jose, 38 last night. tomorrow morning, 45. right now we are at 46 degrees in napa. 53 in san francisco. 50 los gatos, 50 in livermore and antioch. the forecast, not as cold torch because of the cloudings moving in. a warmer day monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and then showers for the entire bay area will return to our forecast heading into thursday, friday, and looks like a pretty wet system will move in for a week ahead. just sunday and monday. high pressure builds in tomorrow, so warmer day. we will keep clouds overhead as this cold front is very close to the north bay. some hazy sunshine for your monday. let me show you the forecast. this is monday. 7:00 a.m. much of the rain band -- this is the front kind of falling apart. stays north to the golden gate bri
, oakland, 59. ability -- antioch, 53. now, here's a look at our forecast. we will look for temperatures tonight not as cold, no frost advisories or warnings are in effect for the bay area tonight. it will be warmer through mid-week and then showers will return as we head into thursday and friday. speaking of cold. how cold? these are preliminary lows, cloverdale last night, 35. santa rosa, your low this morning was 30 degrees. napa, 32. check out novato. 29. antioch and san jose reached overnight temperatures of 38 degrees. the clouds over us helped to bring overnight temperatures up so we'll look for mid-to-upper 30s in the north bay. 48 for san francisco, 42 for half moon became interior east bay community, temperatures will be warmer overnight. upper 30s to mid-to-low 40s there. low pressure responsible for the cold air mass moved on towards the east. high pressure will bring is a dry day. we'll keep our eyes on the cold front here. this is monday. this band stays to the north. this is 11:00 monday night. we're dry. check out tuesday. very close to the north bay and san rafael and po
to 35 last night. santa rosa, 30. 32 in napa. concord, 35. antioch, you see they are getting down to 38 degrees. no frost advisories in effect for the bay area this evening. in protected valley areas we may see a little frost here or but nothing like last night. with the veil of clouds overhead. 48 for san francisco. 46 oakland, 39 you see for livermore. in the north bay where the fog frost was prevalent this morning 37 for napa and a bit warmer for santa rosa. expected low is 35 degrees. here is a look at current readings. 47 right now in antioch. 53 in san francisco. los gatos checking in with clear skies, 47 degrees. here is a look at our forecast. not as cold tonight, warmer through mid-week and warm back up to the mid-60s by wednesday and then showers will return to the bay area as we head into thursday and friday. possibility of heavy rain next weekend. high pressure will bring us a warmer day tomorrow. tail end of this cold front will continue to bring us a few clouds and by tuesday, you noticed on forecast animation, most of the rain stays to the north on monday but on tuesday,
chop err 2 is over highway 4 in antioch. a truck and car crashed in the west bound lanes. officers say the honda civic is trapped under the semi truck. the truck caught fire. one person is hurt and transported to the hospital. but is expected to survive. right now the semi truck, as you saw, has been removed and pulled to the side of the road. most of the wreckage is cleared, but traffic as you can see from that backup there is still very slow through this part of highway 4 here in the antioch area. >>> chevron is reportedly not planning to increase oil production following repairs to its fire damaged refinery in richmond. chevron filed papers last week stag it plans to repair, not replace, its existing equipment involved in that devastating august fire. that means chevron will not be required to adopt more advanced pollution reducing equipment. they did say it plans to voluntarily cut air pollution emissions and replace about one- third of the facilities leaky valves and fittings. >>> with the shopping season fast approaching a local chain has resumed negotiations with striking worker
she has multiple prior arrests for dui. >>> a homicide investigation in antioch brought out the bomb squad, police were called to a shooting at the apartments there shortly after 9:00 last night. they found a 32-year-old man dead in one of those apartments. they also found something they thought might be an explosive device. bomb technicians from walnut creek were called in but determined the item was not a bomb. >>> parents at a catholic school in san jose are expressing shock this noontime that a registered sex offender was on campus and that church officials apparently knew about it. ktvu's janine de la vega has been investigating it and tells us why he was not arrested. >> reporter: as children were being dropped off at the school news was circulating among the parents that a registered sex offender had been on campus. the sheriff's department confirmed mark christopher gurries had volunteered at a school festival last no. >> we are scared and nervous and we just want some answers. >> authorities say a parent recognized gurries because he used to be a parish near but also knew he
million for downpayment assistance for homeowners in oakland, fremont, hayward, concord, antioch, pittsburg, richmond, brentwood and bay point may be able to afford the home of their dreams. >> i think there's still inventory out there. you would would-be buyers. >> wells fargo partnered with neighbor works america. >> it's a great holiday season experience where 250 families will get a $0,000 downpayment towards stabilizing many of the neighborhoods in oakland and in the surrounding cities. >>> how do you apply, well, december 7th and 8th at the oakland convention center. you can fill out an application if you live in the home for five years, you don't have to pay back a penny. if you leave before that, you will have to pay part of that back. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> nationwide apartment rents are expected to go up again. the national association of realers predict rents will rise 4.6%. in 2014 and 2015, rent also probably go up more than 4%. nationally, they jumped 4.1%. this year, that's nationally. but here in the bay area, rents are up more than 13%. >>> today
of antioch. injury accident in san jose on the almaden expressway. >>> another look at where the rain and the winds are coming up. >>> next, new effort to fight rising gang crime in the south bay. how police departments are teaming up. >>> controversial plan to make flying safer at san jose's airport is put on hold. the reason for >> good morning. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd showing a line of showers offshore this is the beginning edge of the cold front. it continues to push on to the bay area and with it, the gusty winds have been gusting over 26 miles an hour this morning. the wind advisory has been boasted through 11:00 this morning. you can see -- heavier cells toward sea ranch off the coast of bodega this will continue to move onshore throughout the morning hours. >>> wet weather this morning is worrisome to a community of northern californians, already hit by an earlier disaster. rain, flooding, even mudslides could devastate communites in plumus county an area charred by the chips fire this summer people are worried that loose soil could cause a problem when mixed with
look at our traffic center through antioch, westbound highway 4 at somersville, hearing about a crash. one lane is blocked and you can see slowing on our sensor. it's westbound and eastbound impacted so once you get past that antioch stretch, then things look better all the way out toward concord. back outside, a live look at one of the time saver traffic. this is, nimitz, these are heading northbound up toward high street and if you're heading further south toward milpitas, this is 237, and you can see that everything is brake light free. we have a severe traffic alert in effect. there are 3000 people without power in the santa cruz area. this was an injury crash, knocked a power pole down. that's why they're calling it a severe traffic alert, in ben loman all lanes blocked. everything reporting no delay including all b.a.r.t. lines heading toward downtown san francisco, muni caltrans and. >>> we have the mild temperatures approaching the coastline if you're heading out the door. mostly clear skies and a lot of sunshine coming our way. we have some 30s showing up in the superior vall
heavy traffic heading through antioch. kind of a mess across that stretch. much better news now near tracy, all lanes back open. eastbound 580. pretty bad crash. anyway we don't have live traffic sensors, but hearing about bad traffic jams. they have all lanes open so hopefully some improvement here shortly. that is your time saver traffic. back to you guys. >>> a stunning turn of events in the scandal involving david petreaus. >> the investigation now involves general john allen who replaced petreaus adds top american commander in afghanistan and last night they searched the home of paula broadwell of whom petreaus had that extramarital fair with. tara mergener has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it becomings more complicated by the day, the latest development threatening the career of one o of the biggest names in the u.s. military. general john allen, the man who succeeded david petreaus as head o of the international forces in afghanistan is linked to the fbi investigation involving his predecessor. >> general allen is entitled to due process
there's slowing on westbound 4 in antioch. there's an accident near lone tree on the shoulder. we just got word from chp. but an unusual amount of brake lights in those westbound lanes as you head towards the pittsburg-bay point area. coming up, we'll check mass transit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> hearings are planned on capitol hill today as members of congress say two u.s. military generals owe them answers. lawmakers want to determine if national security was threatened while former cia director david petraeus had an extramarital affair with biographer paula broadwell. broadwell allegedly sent harassing e-mails to jill kelley a woman she apparently saw as a romantic rival. investigators are looking into e-mails kelley sent to general john allen the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. now allen's quest to be commander of u.s. forces european command is in doubt. >> his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> general joseph dunford will replace general allen in afghanistan as soon as congress confirms him.
on yet when it will be fully restored. >> antioch woman its begging thieves to return this urn. why. it holds her baby's ashe ashes. stolen from a single mother after burglar cross add serious line. laura anthony was the first with the story. >> my heart is already broken. and it will stay broken but i want to be able to have that. >>reporter: she can't shake the sad needs and worry. >> that is all i have of my baby. all. please don't throw it away. don't diskairtd. they open up the drawers and dumped everything. >>reporter: wednesday night her antioch home ransacked and burglarize. tv. electronic. jewelry. video game system. her kids christmas presents. all carried away in the darkness of night. it's a crime the single mother and her 3 kids interrupted. when they came home just after 10:00 p.m. from a family outing. >> this is where they came in. they broke the window. >>reporter: found a kitchen window shattered. sliding glass door wide open. burglars even rummage through the 3-year-old son toy box. the worst part is ails when she looked in her own closet she real
to 20° cooler than this time yesterday, 38 napa, 40 santa rosa, everybody else in the 40s, antioch and san francisco low to mid 50s. high clouds and sun upper 50s to mid 60s at the coast, mid to upper 60s bay, mid 60s inland. >>> good morning. happy thanksgiving. all mass transit is on holiday or sunday schedule. bart that means everything gets underway 8:00 this morning. you might want to plan your day like that. peninsula northbound 101 at nerd in san mateo, accident -- at third, in san mateo accident blocking left lane. accident eastbound 80 pinole valley road blocking a lane. accident cotati grade north 101, clearing stages. >>> breaking news out of the south bay. san jose firefighters on the scene of suspicious fire at a hair salon on lundy avenue. here's a live look. firefighters with hoses, the ground is wet, there are a lot of stores in that strip mall. according to a dispatcher this fire was reported one hour ago they made quick work of it. we are waiting to get an update. it looks like that beauty salon is at the center of it. >>> this morning traffic back to normal on i-
reports of accident from the chp westbound 78 at lemon in vallejo, no further details yet out of antioch towards pittsburg concord good dive, fog there. from the central valley up and over the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area crowded, still at the limit less than 15 minutes. all mass transit great way to go, no delays with bart, muni, caltrain or any other mass transit. good drive for your monday morning, wherever you may be headed. >> 5:09. >>> next a small plane headed from the bay area to southern california crashes near a college campus. how good samaritans sprung into action to rescue the two onboard. >>> recovering from superstorm sandy the important train link running again one month after the hurricane. >> here's america's money report. >> >> good morning. nearly 2/3 of us went shopping over the weekend either in person or online, spending more than $400 a piece. president obama was among those observing small business saturday, visiting a bookstore in northern virginia many other shoppers chose the more relaxed independent stores if you buy all the gifts of 12 days of ch
the pangs plans for experienced workers in other areas as well, to make working for antioch more appealing. >> what will this it cost antioch? >> we won't do the actual aerials until we have the council's desire to look at it any further. >> reporter: and other cities may face the same problems as they roll out their pension reform. it comes up for discussion tomorrow. i have to say, remember this is one of the hottest, if not the hottest, button issue in california. and when i called the mayor council members to get their take on it. only one called back. and all he wanted to say, i'm going to wait until i hear it out and i'm not making a comment now. so it is still a very hot issue. in antioch, phil matier, back to you. >>> san jose is asking for help in chosing the next police chief. there is meeting going on as we speak. but len ramirez learned that the city may have narrowed the field to a handful of front- runners. >> reporter: any time there is a job as important as the chief of police comes open, a lot of names come out. all of the names unofficial as the nationwide search begins.
especially vacaville to fairfield, antioch, brentwood, oakley. we'll take a closer look coming up. here is tara. >>> yes, we have a lot of spinouts, some mud slides to report up in the sonoma county area. flash flood warning in effect up there until 5:-- 5:22. there are so many parts of the roadway flooded out. too many to mention here. right now this is a live look outside. you can see that it is wet out there. it is extremely dark too. so definitely go below this speed limit. 680 at the sunol grade you can see traffic is moving along. coming up in a little bit we'll have an update on that sig alert that was issued earlier. let's head back to the desk. >>> drivers traveling between marin county and the east bay are incantserring more problems than -- encountering more problems than just a wet road. rosemary orozco is at the richmond san rafael bridge. there was a power outage this morning. how does it look right now? >> yes, good morning, to you. it is improving out here. the rain is still falling but when we met with you last time around, it was hittingous horizontally. the gusts have
december 7th and starting salary is 88,000 dollars a year. in the city of antioch, we offer a new incentive to apply to its police force and they are set to apply tomorrow to change the formula for transfers for existing officers. he had a pension of 3% of last year's salary times the number of years they worked for the department. he has 14 vacant positions. >>> and car buffs are hitting show rooms next year. they are in san francisco showcasing 39 auto makers and it is the 55th year event and they can test drive some of the newest models. the show opens until 8:00 and tickets are $9. >> 4:45, just the fog out there is really dense out there and it is really bad. >> hey, tara. >>> across the bridge, there is a really good chance you will run into some fog. and we are all under heavy fog advisory. >>> and in the pittsburgh area, you can see those headlights those have it westbound towards concord no delays. >>> and you can see what we are talking about here, just how heavy, heavy this is. give yourself some extra time this evening. go under if you can. >>> up next you can see traffic is sl
will be right in there. redwood city as well. there needs to be a couple 49 in antioch, the warmest temperatures are on the coast and there is a little component on the coast. there in lice the problem, it will still be nice but it will be sunny and warm for november. temperatures are topped out and it will be cold by friday. chilly lows inland. highs will be on the upper -- in the upper 70s for many. it is tough to get the inland lows to warm up. it definitely helps the coast. here comes that system and our temperatures will go way down. >>> it's just a week after being devastated by that super storm. the storm that is bearing down on them and how the jersey shore is preparing. >>> plus a possible new tool to combat metropolitan abuse, how it works and where it's being tested right now. >>> it is a problem but we will explain. . >>> welcome back. some people are being told to evacuate again. the office of emergency management has ordered people in low-lying areas in brick new jersey to evacuate ahead of an approaching nor'easter. the town is expecting to see up to an inch of rain and that's not
in the antioch police department. eric rasmussen is live with what's behind these numbers. >> reporter: it comes down to not having enough officers. how about this number of, the chief says the average response time around 11 minutes and we heard from people tonight who say that's just unacceptable. >> tonight we were there as officers had to force their way into a home with guns drawn responding to a domestic dispute on sicamore drive. tonight, they arrested two people for a homicide. so far this year violent crimes and property crimes are up 44%. arrests are down 17% compared to a month ago. >> they are worked under staffed and as a community we need to help them. >> i think the community realizes what's going on in antioch but they don't know what to do about it. >> reporter: the department is now taking tips on its facebook page and through anonymous text messages. >> i've been involved in that. i know people that have been involved in that and that's led to several arrests. in the last six weeks i know there's three arrests to my name. >> i was assaulted after i dropped off my son. >> repor
and arrests are down. it's a troubling revelation revealed in new statistics in the antioch police department. eric rasmussen is live with what's behind these numbers. >> reporter: it comes down to not having enough officers. how about this number of, the chief says the average response time around 11 minutes and we heard from people tonight who say that's just unacceptable. >> tonight we were there as officers had to force their way into a home with guns drawn responding to a domestic dispute on sicamore drive. tonight, they arrested two people for a homicide. so far this year violent crimes and property crimes are up 44%. arrests are down 17% compared to a month ago. >> they are worked under staffed and as a community we need to help them. >> i think the community realizes what's going on in antioch but they don't know what to do about it. >> reporter: the department is now taking tips on its facebook page and through anonymous text messages. >> i've been involved in that. i know people that have been involved in that and that's led to several arrests. in the last six weeks i know there's t
. again highway 4 in antioch, we'll keep an eye on it and bring you details. we'll be right back. ,,,, [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] mary gshe also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive turkeys. more than 600 of the thanksgiving birds were dropped off at bay area >>> in stead of hauling away cars, tow truck drivers took time out to deliver turkeys. more than 600 of the birds were dropped off at bay area non- profits today. it is part of the triple-a thanksgiving turkey delivery project. >>> h
traffic out of the antioch area, stalled motorcycle eastbound 24, old oakland road in the right lane. >>> 6:01. in santa clara county all lanes open again after big rig spilled its load on highway 101 southbound, in san martin at the east san martin avenue exit. chp says the big rig overturned and dumped a lot of dirt across several lanes around midnight, lanes were closed crews had to work several hours to get it cleaned up for the commute. >>> in daly city crews will be back along lausanne avenue after a wall of mud came down the hillside. amy hollyfield is back at the scene this morning, with what is next for affected residents. >> reporter: it looks so much better out here this morning. now the residents are a little nervous, could this happen again? the city officials still have a lot of work to do to build confidence of the residents. it took all day yesterday to clean the mud out, the mud invaded this neighborhood in daly city about 4:30 in the morning when a pipe broke and 45,000 gallons of water came rushing in, mud coated the streets. now the concern is the rain in the fore
directions through antioch right now. a quick look at bart. 24 bart trains all running on time. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> hearings are set to begin on capitol hill today to investigate the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. as susan mcginnis reports, the witness list now includes former cia director david petraeus. >>> reporter: after calls by congressional leadership, former cia director david petraeus will testify before congress tomorrow about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: petraeus was scheduled to testify today before a house intelligence committee but those plans changed after he resigned following his admission of an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. benghazi is at the center of another capitol hill battle. senate republicans say they will not accept the nomination of u.n. ambassador susan rice as a replacement for secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination. >> reporter: senators john mccain and lindsey graham say
east bay valleys. concord the willow pass and parts of antioch as well. not so much for jackie sissel is in downtown oakland. showers continue for walnut creek in the will catch a dry break heading into the rest of the san ramon valley. we have showers for the eastern portion of highway 24. no wet weather to talk about are the bay bridge or in san rafael but we do have the possibility for some pop up showers. we will see breaks of sunshine into the afternoon but the rain will persist for interstate 580 over the altamont pass approach in downtown liver rmore. parts of the pages over highway 237 but again a dry break. the showers to push their way east. heavy rain for the santa cruz mountains and will continue to push its way towards mt. to iran. we have some rain right now and issues of visibility for parts of the note north bay and parts of the coast as well. temperatures will be in the '60s later on tonight was a clear conditions, called wanda. it will get chilly and i will have your extended forecast in just a bit. >> several hot spots this morning and i will tell you about what's b
blocked there. in the commute direction westbound 4 slow through antioch. you can see windy out there as well shaking our camera a bit, 880 in oakland. southbound 880 at high street an accident, injury crash, cleared to the right shoulder. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> fire investigators say a fire that burned a vallejo home on monday night is suspicious. the house on tennessee street is the same home where a vallejo police officer was shot and killed as he served a warrant in april of 2000. firefighters kept the flames contained to just the garage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> a manhunt is on in san jose for a suspect police say was involved in a crime spree that included a fatal shooting. it began on friday night with four armed robberies. one of the suspects appears in that surveillance photo you saw. the crime also included a carjacking that left a young man dead and a shootout that injured an officer. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regard for human life. >> the murder victim rory pa
. the drive time is over 48 minutes coming out of antioch towards high weight to 42. to connect with the 680 from highway 242 affected of towns in the 50s, 30 degrees with temperatures in the 50s bravehear is a chilly st to the state would warmer conditions on the way i will return on those numbers and talk about the rain chance is coming up in my next report. >> a new twist for the resignation of david petraeus the top u.s. commander in afghanist allen isr investigation authorities are looking into alleged inappropriate messages that general allan ascend to jill kelly. jill kelly is an unpaid adviser. she received a threatening e-mails from paula braodwell general allen is a four-star rain that has succeeded petraeus. president obama had nominated general allan to be the supreme commander of nato. now, that nomination has been on hold. >> in the bay iraq the californ university boardtrbay . and many are in the impacted are trying to graduate. they want to free up class's for incoming students but this fee will just punish students who could have had to repeat a class or switch majors at the
of antioch towards 242, westbound east shore freeway carquinez bridge to the maze under 20 minutes. >>> san jose police officer puts his life on the line to save a young girl. next, how he's being honored. >>> heads-up trick-or-treaters, how you can turn that candy into cash, first here's another highlight from the giants' victory celebra >>> like i said you guys better be proud, you guys need to be proud, we are all world series champions here wearing orange and black in san francisco. >> how do you like that teamwork off the field, love it. san jose officer set to get the highest police award today for his role in a hostage rescue. the department will present the officer with its medal of honor for rescuing an 11-year-old girl held by her mother's ex-boyfriend it happened in january during a standoff. the suspect texted he a gun and would be ready for police. the pistol was a lookalike baretta loaded with blanks. that would not be known until after jiminez rescued the girl. >>> more than 1,000 dentists around the country are offering to exchange toothbrushes, toys even cash for halloween
los gatos and cupertino. their fill antioch walnut creek the same. for those of you going to the bears game at memorial stadium tonight kickoff is at 6:00 p.m.. expect it is in the upper 50s. if you are rooting out the bears bring a jacket. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows mild conditions there whether persist into the weekend. by monday we are in the low '80s again for our warmest in the spots. places like santa rosa could top out at 85 degrees. we are looking at record-breaking numbers for some of our north bay areas. we will continue to be warming to tuesday. the sea breeze kicks in by wednesday and by thursday at 30 percent chance of showers the bulk of the wet weather will fall in the north bay. 19 a.m. that is your weather here is traffic. >> we will start with a look looking into san francisco cars on the road approach to your baby coat laws appear it backed up beyond the parking lot. this is normal for the 6:00 hour. if you're heading into cent francisco this is one of those spots where you want to give your self lot of extra time. one should get through the slow
because of california's new top two rule in the primary. in the 9th district which includes antioch, oakley, brentwood and discovery bay, mcinnerney holding on to his see the. he was first elected to congress in 2007 when he defeated longtime republican. >>> local measure that got national attention richmond voters rejected new tax on sodas and sugary drinks that would have funded school programs, no to measure n city leaders are divided on the measure. the penny per ounce tax would have added 12 cents to every can of soda. >> soft drink companies 2 1/2 million dollars to defeat that measure. in palo alto voters say no to measure c which would allow three medical marijuana dispensaries in the city and create a 4% tax on them. no 62%. palo alto has banned medical marijuana dispensaries since 1997. berkeley voters approved a measure that+y8e7 targets young panhandlers sitting on sidewalks in the city. >> looks like san jose voters are saying no to measure e would allow more card tables for the two casinos, no leading by 16% would it allow total number of card tables in the increase fr
's cool. 59 oakland. napa, 58 degrees with 58 in antioch right now. 57 in mountain view, as well as san jose. so we will keep it clear tonight. it is going to be cold. of course, that frost advisory posted overnight tonight for north bay interior valleys area. will warm slightly for your sunday and it looks like things will start to range. warm temperatures up by midweek next week and bring the return of showers. let's take a look how long this cold snap is going to be with us. saturday morning santa rosa, actually this morning santa rosa dropped down to 30 degrees. i'm forecasting 29 as your overnight low for tomorrow. by monday you warm up slightly overnight into the mid-30s. san francisco, no real complaints there. we will maintain mid-to upper 40s the next three nights. livermore by tomorrow morning will drop to 37 degrees and we will look for san jose to maybe come up one degree as they will see a little bit of wind tonight. 41. so you will see pretty much the trend for overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning to be the coldest readings and after that temperatures will start to mo
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